Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I love homemade jam. This time of the year is wonderful for making jam too because of all the great deals that you can get on fruit this time of the year. I recently made some with Grandma Stoker and it was delicious and easy. We made pear and peach jam. All you have to do is cook the fruit in hot water (just to remove the skins and soften) and then cool to touch. Then peal off the skin, and put the fruit in a food processor. Then follow the directions on the pectin package, pour into jars, put the lids on, flip over the jars (this locks the seal), and let cool. It was really fun and I encourage everyone to try it because there is a real sense of accomplishment when you are finished and you see all those yummy jars. It is a great Christmas present for friends and neighbors. Here is a picture of Jack helping out. As you can see he wasn't too helpful, but very cute.

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Brianna said...

He is so cute. He will be a great cook some day.