Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NBA. . .It's on like Donkey Kong

Can I just say it was a long summer with my beloved Sun's going out in the first round. So I only think it is fitting for their first game to be against San Antonio (the team that dismissed them last season). And the Spurs are up to their old tricks. Hack a Shaq, flops, throwing elbows left and right. Only two things can make me happy when I see the Suns play the Spurs. First is us beating them, which we did tonight (103-98). Then seeing Ginobli out for the first part of the season. There is not a player that I loathe more than Ginobli. Both of those things happened tonight and the Suns have started their 08-09 season 1-0. Only 81 games to win! Don't get me wrong, I know they won't win all 82 games but beating the Spurs is definitely a good start. The team looked good tonight. I like the new additions, especially Matt Barns, and I have a feeling the new coach is going to do a great job! Still the same old Suns running and gunning, but slowing down every once in a while and playing some tough D. We are going to the game on Saturday, but before they beat down the young Trailblazers they will have to play the Hornets and another player I hate, CP3. Chris Paul is a great player but Nash is still the best and most effective point guard in the game. Tomorrow will be a good example of Nash's impact and greatness. Tune in to TNT for a great game.


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