Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth

Many of you know that a few weeks ago we decided to take a break from studying and the baby and go to Disneyland with Brandon's parents. Don't worry we didn't leave Jackson alone. . . Grandma Miller was happy to come out and spend some one on one time with the boy. Although I think by the end of those 3 days she was thinking "what did I get myself into" and she was happy to be going back to Seattle. I really do love Disneyland. We left on Wed morning and got there around 3:00pm (the time change worked out nice). I have never seen it so empty there. Most of the rides we could just walk onto and if we had to wait it was maybe 5 minutes which is the time it took to get to the ride (some of those rides have a pretty elaborate setup). We stayed until it closed and spent most of the time in California Adventure which I thought was awesome because I had never been there before. The next day we went early and it was still pretty empty. It was fun to see how much they have changed that place. The new Finding Nemo submarine ride and autotopia were a big change. We also spent a lot of time going to shows or other attractions that I wasn't interested in when I was a kid. The tortilla factory was really fun. . .nothing beats a fresh tortilla. By the end of the 3rd day I think we had been on every major ride at least 3 times and I have to admit I could have gone on them about 10 more each but everyone was getting a little worn out. . .or at least our feet were. We spent all day there on Thursday and Friday and I think we did everything that Disneyland had to offer; including eating a corn dog which I had been craving ever since I was pregnant. And let me tell you it was just as tasty as I had remembered. All and all we had a great time but I was excited to get home and see Jack.

Top 10 Things to do at Disneyland
1. Ride California Screaming
2. Ride the Tower of Terror
3. Get soaked on the Grizzly Mountain ride
4. Get soaked and take a picture on Splash mountain
5. Score over 100,000 points on the Toy Story shooting game (NEW!!)
6. Eat a corndog
7. Ride Space Mountain until your brain is a little loose
8. Eat at the Saloon in Adventure Land and watch the show
9. Pretend you are a Pirate on the Pirate's Lair (formerly Tom Sauwer's Island)
10. Watch the disney parades

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Tanya said...

How fun! Disneyland is defiantly not just for kids. What a great thing for you and your hubby to do together!