Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving is a day to be Thankful

Well Thanksgiving week is over and I am pretty sad actually. I say week because the fam was here all week and we did activities everyday and had so much fun. I am really sad to see everyone go. Brandon even noticed that I was sad, and I just realized that I love holidays and spending time with the ones we love. Not that everyone else doesn't love that but I think that since I became a mom I have been a lot more sensitive about people leaving. Every time family comes whether it is my mom or Brandon's sisters or grandparents, when they leave I get a little teary-eyed. Having a baby is making me soft (haha). Anyways, more about our week. We went disc golfing which was really fun and for those of you who don't know what disc golfing is well it is like golf but instead of using golf balls and clubs you use freesbies or discs. I only sent one over the fence but thanks to Justin we got it back. We also played lots of ping pong, wallyball, football, soccer, wiffle ball, and whatever other game you can think of. It was nice having everyone see Jackson again. He is getting so big so fast and Grandpa Stoker and Brianna hadn't even met him yet. I was just a fun week and I am sad that it had to end but at least Brandon is still around to cheer me up. What a great husband!!

5 things I am the most thankful for this year:
-my husband that loves and supports me
-my son who is growing up healthy and happy
-our families that are so close (if not geographically at least close in heart)
-my mom for all the new mother advise
-my job, I can teach and work from home so I can raise Jack

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JILLC said...

Jess I know exactly what you mean about family leaving. Everytime someone comes to visit us and they leave I am a blubbering idiot in the car on the way home from the airport. It is like I act like they are never coming back or I will never see them again. This last time Ella whined for her cousin Livvie the whole way home. It was sad to see her "crying" when people left too! Breaks my hear! LOL Hang in there softy!