Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer in Seattle part 1

So we have been in Seattle for 2 days and it has been HOT, HOT, HOT! Jackson was fantastic on the plane. We sat in the front row where there is lots of leg room. No place for bags or trays but lots of leg room which worked out because Jack got to stand up and walk around a little or sit on the floor and play. We sat next to two nice older women who thought Jackson was the cutest baby. He didn't cry at all and with about an hour left he decided he was tired so he sat on my lap and took a short nap while I read a book. It would have been nice to have a pillow to put behind my back but other than that I thought it went extremely well.

It has been 100 degrees here and the problem is there is NO AIR CONDITIONING because Seattle doesn't usually get this hot. We have been spending lots of time outside in a small, frog, blowup pool or riding in the car which feels pretty nice. I don't think it is going to cool down the entire time we are here so that means lots of fans, lots of pool time, and very little clothes (onesies for the baby). So far Jack has mastered the small 3 steps that lead to the family room and he loves sweeping the kitchen floor with the small broom my mom bought him. He is having a great time and I am really glad we came. I just wish Brandon was here to enjoy the muggy weather with us.


Amanda said...

I'm glad you're having a great time! Before you know it you will be home and with your hubby! We miss you!!

JILLC said...

Eek. Here is hoping it cools off!