Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wilson Family Pictures

Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot a great family with one of the happiest babies I have ever met. Lora is such a beautiful mother and it was inspiring to see the relationship she has with her husband and son. The Wilson's (Lora, Joe, and Tommy) were fantastic! They had so much love for eachother and for their little boy, who is 6 months old. It feels like it has been forever since Jackson was 6 months old. They were such troopers too, continuing to have great smiles, even in 109 degree heat. I am still getting used to this Arizona summer as far as photography goes. In the summer time it is so hot and the sun raises at 5:30 and sets at 7:30. Long hot days really make it difficult to find a good time to take pictures outside. Thankfully, all the families I have shot lately have been wonderful.


Lora said...

Thanks for taking our pictures! We love them all! You were so great to work with!

Kimberlyn said...

Love the pics Jess, I still want you to shoot us as well!

JILLC said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!! What time have you figured out works best for photos. Email me separately with how much you charge for a shoot. Also do you give the rights to the photos?