Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our little chef

Well I love cooking and I think it might be rubbing off on Jackson because yesterday all he wanted to do was play with the cooking play-stuff. He brought me over an apron to put on him and went to work. First he wanted to do the shopping by playing with the cash register.

Then he went straight to work in the kitchen pulling out all his supplies and dumping them on the ground (he is not the cleanest cook).
After he found what he needed he went to make me some eggs. The kitchen is pretty cool because when you put the pots on it makes a sizzle sound like the eggs are really cooking.

The only problem was he doesn't quite get the fact that it is fake food because he was really disappointed when he tried to eat the banana and it didn't taste like a banana.


Miss M! said...

That's so cute!

jor said...

so cute! teach him to make your yummy cinnamon rolls!