Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Babies, They are a grown'

Yesterday I took both the kiddos to the doctor for their well-baby checks and shots. I was really nervous about having both of them there at the same time and both of them getting shots at the same time but they were both so brave I didn't need to worry. They both cried for about 2 seconds before I distracted them with treats (Jackson got a sucker and Lizzy got some mommy milk). It is funny because I actually love taking them to the doctor because I get to see how much they have grown and I like the relief that comes from knowing that they are healthy and progressing well, however I hate the shots not because of the pain so much (most of the time it is a quick prick and then its over) but because of the crying. Other than Elizabeth having a traumatic reaction later in the day it went fine.

Jackson is evening out a bit compared to his previous growth spurts. He is now 34inches tall (80%) and 25 lbs (30%). He is talking a lot more now and can say at least 20 words which is actually on the higher end for his age. His motor development is where he really excels. He stacks blocks, is running everywhere, throws a ball pretty far, loves using a fork to eat, and is climbing on everything. I think he is really missing his dad these days because every day Brandon comes home from work and Jackson gives him a big leg hug and refuses to let go. He amazes me every day because he is learning so much and changing so much. I love that I can tell him to do something and he actually does it. He is a really good helper and loves to get the doggies food and unloading the dish washer.

Elizabeth is growing like a weed. She weights 9lbs 14oz (25%) and is 22 1/2inches tall (55%). She is still really skinny and little but her cheeks and tummy are starting to fill out so she is beginning to get that great baby chunk. She talks a lot, sleeps 7 hours a night, and loves looking around at all the lights. She also loves watching her mommy and brother dance in his room every morning. Her head is a little flat on one side so we have to do some neck strengthening and more tummy time (which she hates!). I love that she is so sweet, rarely crys, and is smiling a lot more now. I even heard a little giggle earlier this week.

It has been really fun to see the differences in the two of them. Here is a little comparison of the two.

Both are good sleepers
Elizabeth hates going out and running errands where Jackson hated staying home
Elizabeth is patient (to an extent) where Jackson wants what he wants now
Elizabeth is really wiggly always kicking her legs and arms
Jackson liked to sleep on his side and Lizzy likes her back
Both enjoy their swing from sleeping but nothing else
Both hate tummy time
Elizabeth is a cuddler where Jackson was Mr. Independent

Both kids are happy and healthy which makes me happy and gives me some assurance that I am doing at least a few things right in the mommy department

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Shelby and Ted said...

Super cute Jess. You are one talented lady with the pictures about of.