Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year Halloween was awesome. Jackson is old enough to know what is going on somewhat, and I love how cute both the kids looked for all the activities. We went to a party for our mom's group and had a blast eating cupcakes and creating cool Halloween crafts. Then last night our ward had a huge Halloween party with games, food, and all the kids dressed up in their fun Halloween gear. Lizzy slept through the whole thing (what do you expect huh?) but Jackson had a great time. He ate baked beans, did a cupcake walk, got his face painted, and even won a toy in the fishing game. I think it was a little overwhelming for him though (over 200 people were there) because he started to get a little tired and worn out before we could do the trunk or treat; which is fine by me . . . less candy. I figure next year we will be able to do some actual trick or treating but my rule is if you can't say "trick or treat" then no candy for you. The best part was that my mom was hear the entire Halloween week and got to partake in all the fun activities.


Miss M! said...

I love his little facial hair. :) I'm totally with you about the trick or treat thing - everyone wanted to know WHY we weren't taking Bubba out, but I think he's too small still. He doesn't need all that candy! Neither do we, haha!

Jill Carilli said...

Jackson looks so beautiful in the photo with the balloons and I live Lizzy as a ballet dancer!! So cute!

jor said...

Great costumes! Those ballet shoes are to die for