Friday, February 12, 2010


Elizabeth turned 5 months this week and is such a cute baby. SO CUTE! She has these cheeks that I just find myself kissing all day long. And she makes the funniest noises including babbling, and grunting when she is mad about something whether it is that she is hungry or just wants to be held. It is actually really funny. She still has the bluest eyes and I have to say I hope they stay blue because I always wanted a brown hair blue eyed girl. Here are some other things she is doing now:

-she tries to sit up by doing tummy crunches and lifting her head
-she sleeps from 9pm to 9:30am
-she drools like crazy (watch for a little white tooth soon)
-she reaches and grabs toys
-she blows raspberries and thinks it is so funny (it is so funny, spit everywhere)
-she loves sitting in her bumbo
-she prefers standing to sitting
-still hates her tummy and will just cry until I come and get in instead of rolling over (stubborn much?)
-she eats rice cereal and keeps most of it in her mouth now
-she weighs about 15lbs
-she is very ticklish and laughs even before we tickle her (she knows it is coming)
-loves taking baths
-she can lift herself up on her tummy and support herself on her arms
-she is super smiley and just a little love bug

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Jill Carilli said...

I loved that age too! Awww. she is looking so much like Jackson! I love her... cant wait till she can play with Ryen (her hug stalker!)