Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Best Kids Ever

I am so in love with my children. They don't always behave and sometimes they are annoying like when they throw fits or make messes, but then I remember they are just kids. And then they do something super sweet like Jackson coming over and giving me a kiss just because he loves me or Lizzy smiling her big smile and laughing ecstatically at me. Tonight they were both irresistable, Jackson was actually playing with Lizzy. He was pushing her around in her walker being so careful around the walls. Then later she was laying on the ground and he came over said, "Hi Lizzy" gave her a kiss and played with a rattle so she could see it. She already adores him, always watching him and smiling at him. He is taking on the roll of the big brother looking out for her. Every time we get in the car without her he points to her seat and says "where?" like where is Lizzy mom. So cute and kind, I love them both so much.

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Jill Carilli said...

That's awesome Jess. It is nice when they are being friendly. Not so nice when they start fighting over toys. I hope it goes smoother for you since they "may" be into different toys! XOXO