Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Our Easter festivities actually began on Monday night when our family read the story of the last week before Jesus was crucified. We read it every year and observe pictures of the activities that took place that week. I think it is so interesting because every year I learn something new even though it is always the same story. This year I really focused on the Sacrifice. He bled from every pour. I just keep thinking in my mind about all the people that were crucified back then. And how some people probably thought it was no worse than the others. However, the Savior's sacrifice was such an intense pain because he felt every feeling, even injury, every heartache that everyone on this each will ever feel. He knows exactly what we are going through in every trail because he went through the same exact trial during the atonement.

On top of it being Easter weekend it was also Conference weekend for the church. Those of you who don't know 2 times every year the LDS church has what they call General Conference where the leaders of the church give several talks on topics of their own choices. The topics range from general discussions about Jesus or the scriptures, to more modern subjects like families, parenthood, and current trials. It was so fitting to have General Conference on Easter because this morning the talks were all about Jesus' last days on earth and the atonement.

After General Conference we dyed eggs, had a wonderful Easter dinner and waiting for the egg hunt to begin. Brandon's dad always hides over 100 eggs that mostly have candy in them but a few have money. Then everyone tries to find the most. I know, we are old (except for Jack) but the competition is the fun part. It is weird because last year Jackson wasn't even walking yet and this year he was running for the eggs, putting them in his basket, and finding more. We ended up hiding eggs 2 more times after we found them all just because he was having so much fun. I was really proud of him too because he didn't try to eat the candy until the egg hunt was done and he found some really well hidden eggs. He is so funny too. Every time he found one he walked up to it, pointed, and said, AH. Then when we found them all we counted them up (there are always missing eggs, we even found one from like 2 years ago, YUCK), he went over to Marissa and said I want more, I want more. So funny. Lizzy just watched the whole thing from her exersaucer, but she has a blast too laughing at Jackson.

It was a beautiful and really spiritual Easter week.

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