Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy birthday little boy

We celebrated Jackson's birthday with our family on Sunday and it was so much fun to have him turn 2. Here is the difference from the first birthday,

-he could blow out his own candles and blew them out several times. He actually really likes to blow out candles so we put more than 2 candles on the cake.
-he knew how to open his own presents and appreciated what he found inside them
-he posed for pictures, smiling and saying cheese-he knew that we were celebrating something that was just for him, it was HIS BIG DAY
I made spaghetti and meatballs because that is a no fail meal that Jackson will always eat. We had Texas sheet cake which every bodies favorite. Brandon put together his toys earlier that day so he could play with them. We got him a toy riding car and a wagon for the zoo and walks around the neighborhood. He loves both. His grandma Miller got him a new kitchen for the house and Brandon's grandparents bought him food for the kitchen (and whoever says boys can't have toy kitchens get over it because kitchens are cool). His Grandma and Grandpa Stoker bought him a new ipod because he totally loves ipods and he lost the other one. He likes to put it in his pocket and walk around listening to the headphone, it's really cute. We also bought him some new clothes, a few books, and a few puzzles. He spent the afternoon driving his car and eating chocolate cake. . .it was a great day.

We also had his 2 year checkup and everything went great. He was so brave when he got his shot, only cried for a second. He is speaking more words every day and can say 2-3 word sentences including I want keys, I want water, and I love you. He can name several animals and other objects in his books, calls me mom and Brandon dad and Elizabeth Lizzy. He loves music, Handy Manny cartoons, and playing in the car (with mom or dad of course). He likes being outside the most whether it is mowing the lawn with his toy mower, riding in his car or truck, and just running through the sprinkler. He loves his sister and his always worried about where she is and what she is doing. And he knows when he is in trouble because he likes to give lots of kisses to get out of it.
Here are his stats:
weight 27lbs (50%)
height 37inches (85%)


Miss M! said...

Play kitchens ROCK! Bubba got one for his birthday too and he loves it. I do too. Looks like Jackson had a great day! :)

Jill Carilli said...

Happy Birthday Jac-Jack!

Brianna said...

That is my kind of day, playing and eating cake. But did he get to take a nap? :)

jor said...

Oh! that is too cute that he gives kisses to butter you up! Love it! Happy Happy Birthday Jackson! You are one cute little dude!