Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Almost 1

Elizabeth is now 11 months old and I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. I drove by the hospital today and I couldn't help but think back to where I was a year ago, having weekly checkups with little tiny Lizzy in my tummy. She was so small and fragile. Now she is strong and independent.

I watch her and can't believe how smart she is. I feel like the time has passed by and I didn't even realize what a gift she is in my life. Babies grow so fast and life gets so busy. I just can't believe my baby is almost a toddler. Here are some things that I love about her right now:

-she likes smoothies from a cup. Yeah, she can handle a cup all by herself. Not a sippy cup, a real cup. AMAZING
-she is walking like a pro. She can stand up on her own, bend over and pick things up, and walk where ever she wants to go. I just know she is going to be running after Jackson in the blink of an eye.
-she loves reading books. I hate to say this but I really didn't put in the reading time with her like I did with Jackson. Then all the sudden I pulled out a few peek-a-boo books and she could turn the pages and flip the peek-a-boos all by herself. Now we read every night.
-she says mama when she sees me, or wants something. It sounds like she is begging, which is so cute.
-she knows the word no. Most of the time when I say no she just gives me her sweet, innocent smile and does it anyway. . .but she knows she is not suppose to do it.
-she climbs on every thing and is very resourceful. If she gets in a position that she is confused by she figures out how to get out.
-she is a quick learner. Brandon taught her how to get off the couch in like 10 min and now she does it every time and knows how to get off the bed too.
-she points to things she wants, or grabs them herself.
-she loves Jackson and adores him. Where ever he is she wants to be.
-she is so sweet when we rock in the chair at night. She cuddles up next to my neck and her sweet cheeks and lips are so soft. I just want to snuggle her and give her kisses all night.
-she has 4 teeth but can eat everything and will eat everything including blueberries, asparagus, broccoli, and noodles.
-her favorite place to hang out is on her clothes bind in her closet. She climbs up on it whenever she can, but gets stuck up there a lot.

I love her to death and can't image my life without her.

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Tanya said...

Seriously? Almost 1?! How can that be already?!