Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weekly Review

Jackson's collage for his Grandma.

This week we had a lot of fun. We went swimming a lot, did new crafts, and had dance parties in the living room. Jackson discovered jumping off the coach into a pile of pillows was entertaining for about an hour and Lizzy started walking. These kids bring so much happiness to my life I never know what to expect next, and I never though that hanging out in our pajamas could be so much fun.

Dance party, don't you love Jackson's ensemble? Cookie monster hat (with the tag still on it) and 1 shoe, drinking a smoothie. His dance moves are the best. It is a cross between Criss Cross and a hyper 2 year old. Lots of knee bending downward movement with spinning. Lizzy just moves her arms really fast and watches Jackson.
Check out that face, he looks exactly like Brandon's little brother Cameron and my little brother Adam. WEIRD!

Where is Lizzy hiding? In the bathroom cabinet, of course. Could she get any cuter? Look at that face!

We got a pet fish this week too. When we were visiting my mom in Seattle we bought a fish with her and Jackson really loved it. He took such good care of that fish while we were there. Feeding it just a little bit of food, and watching it closely. So I went a bought a fish. Jack picked it out himself (he liked the blue), he carried it very carefully to the checkout and home in the car. Then he put the jellies in the bottom of the bowl and the reef in the bowl. I even asked him what he wanted to name the fish and he said Buba (which is the same name as my mom's fish). I have to admit that was over 2 months ago and I can't believe he still remembers it. Then I asked where we should keep Buba and he showed me to his room and pointed to his dresser saying, "right here". It is so cute to see how much he already loves that fish. Every time we walk into his room he says "hi Buba". So cute.

Jackson passed out on the coach after church. He is so sweet with those red cheeks.

Lately Jackson has been obsessed with his swim diapers because they have Nemo on them. He takes one to bed with him every night and insists that Nemo sleep with him. (I should probably just buy him a Nemo doll). Anyways, the other night he insisted on wearing his Nemo diaper to bed. Unfortunately as many of you know those swim diapers don't provide the best protection. So as a compromise I allowed him to wear the diaper on the outside of his jammies.

Here are some shots of Lizzy walking. I tired to upload a video but it would work so you will have to just imagine her moving across her room. She is getting really good at it.

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