Sunday, August 29, 2010

The End of August

Wow, I have been so busy lately I haven't had time to blog and I am way behind. I have been taking lots of pictures and projects have been flowing in our house but no time to post them. So here are some things I have been working on.

My friend Susan is having a baby girl in Sept. She is due Sept. 30th which is fun for me because that was my due date last year with Lizzy. Man how time flies. Anyways, she had a wonderful baby shower last week and I was so excited to make her baby present. I made her a quilt out of this great fabric that she loved. It turned out so cute I love it.
Then I made a onesie and dress out of the rest of the fabric. I am loving my Cricut lately. I cut the lady bug using the cricut and the dragonfly on the dress. It is so easy with the Cricut.

The dress was a pleasant accident. I planned on making the stripes horizontal but the stripes weren't wide enough (I measured wrong) so I ended up making them vertical which made the dress so much cuter. Then I added the lace to the bottom and the dragonfly. Little touches that make each dress special and one of a kind.

Right now I am working on some baby presents for my cousin Erica which i am really excited about. I will post pictures of that soon.

It is still super hot here but the kids don't seem to mind. They love being outside. The will spend all day outside if I let them (which I don't because like I said it is too hot). Most of the time they just play on the back porch riding the cars or playing in the sand box. Every once in awhile I go out there and spray them down with the hose (haha). They love it.
We spend our evenings coloring, playing with blocks and watching movies. It is a good thing that I love Disney movies because I watch at least one every day. Usually the same ones over and over because Jackson loves Nemo and Cars.

We are still working on the potty training. I am not so good at it. Not very diligent. But we are trying. Jackson seems to be more interested in it. I found him sitting on the potty today all by himself. Then I asked him what he was doing and he said going potty. I was really proud of him. He really wants to wear his Spider Man underwear. He actually has them on over his pants in the bottom picture but you can't tell, I just really like the smile.
I love how we can have special bonds with each person in our lives. I think Jackson and I will always have a special bond because he is my first. I always wanted to be a mother and when Brandon and I were talking about starting a family I never wanted anything so bad in my life. He was my perfect gift. Every time he kisses me or snuggles up to me I think about the first time I held him and saw his little face looking up at me. I love him so much I didn't think I had any room left in my heart for Elizabeth. But then she came into our lives and it was like a grew a whole new heart for her. She is my sweetheart. My little girl that I didn't know I always needed in my life. She is at a difficult age. So much independence. Walking, eating, laughing, playing all by herself. I know she still needs me but that newborn dependence is gone and all I see now is a beautiful little girl that is changing from a baby to a toddler. Where has the time gone? I need to cherish each day.

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jor said...

I dont' know how you guys survive the heat there. I start sweating just thinking about it!

The quilt, onsie, and dress are so cute! I love the vertical stripes. I just wish I had a little girl to place an order!