Friday, November 5, 2010

Let's Eat Some Pie

Today we had a few friends over for a pie tasting play date. Everyone brought a pie that they made and we shared the calories. I made Brandon's favorite, banana cream and it was delicious if I must say so myself. Then we did a fun turkey craft that I found on the internet. You take a pine cone and stick feather shaped paper in the slots, gluing them in place. Then we used wooden balls as the heads, wiggle eyes (an all time fav), and pipe cleaners for the beak and feet. The kids had a great time. Jackson especially loved the pine cone turkeys because right now he is obsessed with pine cones. He even posed for pictures with his turkeys, he really is a turkey. (And he is wearing his Woody jammies because he refused to take them off). Thanks to Gabriella, Heather, Stacy, and Brooklyn for enjoying Thanksgiving treats early this year.

Down fall of the day was a large, black washable marker incident. Lately Jackson thinks it is really fun to draw on the walls with black washable marker. I thought we handled it the other day but apparently I hadn't because while I was eating my pie Jackson decided to draw on the walls and the pink coach with black washable marker. It came off the walls fine but the cushions were another story. I tried everything, and nothing seemed to work so I just gave up and threw the covers in the washer. The marker came out but I am not sure about the covers (they are still drying). Needless to say, the markers are out of reach now and Jackson spent a good "time out" in his room. I hate sending him to his room but sometimes the mallet must fall and judgment needs to be placed.

Elizabeth had a fun time with her friends and she looked so cute in her Turkey shirt. I love making holiday shirts for the kids activities. It is a cheap way to celebrate each holiday.


Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

So bummed I had to miss this one!!! That turkey shirt is sooooo CUTE!

Heather said...

Thanks for having us over! Gabriella was so excited to show Vinny her pinecone turkey!!

jor said...

Such a cute idea! Again, I wish we lived closer! We have pine cones all over our yard so this looks like a perfect project....and maybe we will use them as place settings for thanksgiving! I hope your couch ended up ok. gonna share your banana cream pie recipe? :)