Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Haunting and Halloween Parties

This week was a whirlwind of Halloween fun and treats. We started off Monday with our ward Halloween party. Chili and cornbread, cake walks, and a trunk-or-treat. What is it about Halloween that makes everyone eat chili? Then on Tuesday we had a costume party at our friends Liz and Lexie's house. All the kids were dressed in their costumes. It was so cute. Lots of bugs for the girls and Toy Story for the boys.

On Friday we had a Halloween party at our house. I love Halloween so much as some of you may know, so having a party at our house was a real "treat". I made these super cute monster cupcakes, carmel popcorn, pumpkin bread, mummy dogs, and oozzz punch. We also had slime for all the kids to take home. Unfortunately when you are hosting it is hard to take pictures so I didn't get any but I will snag some from one of the other mom's that came. Then on Sat we went to the neighborhood party and I have to say I don't think Jackson has ever had more fun in his life. They had 4 large bounce houses, toy fishing, football toss, cake walk, and face painting. Jackson spent the whole time running around from one activity to the next. Taking only a few minutes off to eat 2 hotdogs! Elizabeth loved all the attention she was getting by strutting around in her bee costume. After the party we did a little trick-or-treating but Jackson wasn't really into it so we came back to the house and watched the classic Disney Halloween. We only made it 10 min into the movie when I looked over and saw my little Nemo fast asleep on the coach. It was a great Halloween. It is so much fun with kids around to get into all the festivities.

I love this face on Lizzy in the bounce house. She looks like a bee stuck in a web.


Heather said...

Love the picture of Lizzy in the bounce house!!

Marissa Anne said...

I am so sad I missed this! I miss you guys so much I started crying when I saw this post and I'm supposed to be doing my homework so I think my roommates think my homework is just really hard...