Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Past A Year

Well Lizzy is now 13 months old and I thought I would give an update because she is changing so fast. She is really smart and I am amazed by the things she does every day. So much more attentive than Jackson was but also much more fiesty than him. She already likes to throw little tantrums when she doesn't get her way but she understands when I say no and she follows my instructions most of the time. She likes to dump things out but then she puts them back and cleans up after herself. She repeats words almost instantly. In the past two weeks she has said cow, Handy Manny, and Nemo. She also says on a regular basis pig, book, hi dad, mama, nigh nigh, bye bye, baby, ball, slide, and dog. She still loves climbing on things but now she can usually get herself back down. She is very brave and loves to go down the big slide at the park. She even went down the water slide at Brandon's parent's house all by herself the other day (Brandon's mom caught her at the bottom). She thinks she can get things on her own now including going in the pantry and opening cracker boxes or Jackson getting into the fridge so Lizzy can grab her juice. She is totally off the bottle now which is a good relief for me. My favorite thing she does is when she sees me or Brandon she lights up with a huge smile and runs to us. And she gives big open mouth kisses on demand. She is really a sweet heart and I just love having a little girl and doing girly things like painting our toes and making sweet dresses.

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