Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Parenting Magazine Top 10

Signs You're a Tuned-Out Mom

1. Gaga still make you think of a toddler instead of a woman with a zipper eye patch urging you to just dance.
2. Pink remind you of nurseries and tutus, not nose rings and tattoos.
3. Coldplay is how your kid leans to stop forgetting his gloves every time he leaves the house.
4. Black Eyed Peas are, alas, tragically unpopular with tweens.
5. The Pussycat dolls sound like the perfect holiday presents for your 5-year old niece.
6. Eminem? A sheer delight, proven to inspire kids to act more politely. (MY FAVORITE)
7. Vampire weekend was that time your 12-year old saw Twilight, then spent all her waking hours pining for Robert Pattinson (and all her bedtime hours afraid to go to sleep.)
8. Nickelback is the cry you hear after the supermarket gumball machine fails to dispense the Mike and Ike candies to your preschooler.
9. Maroon 5 must be that crayon that replaced Burnt Sienna.
10. Linkin Park sounds like an educational family field trip. Why isn't it in the GPS?

Not that out of touch yet but I'm sure someday I will be there.