Monday, October 18, 2010

Catching Up

Well we need to do some catch up over the next few posts because we have been having way too much fun and I can't keep up with all the stuff we have been up to. A few weeks ago we went to the aquarium in the Arizona Mills Mall. Yes, we actually have an aquarium in the mall. Anyways, we have a great time by ourselves. I had to go to the mall to buy some onesies for a few clients and decided it would be super fun to go see some fish. Jackson kept saying, "We go see Nemo?" I wasn't expecting much because I had heard this place wasn't that great but my kids had an amazing time. They love fish to begin with so the idea of the aquarium was very appealing.

Anyways, the aquarium had a lot of different kinds of fish including salt water fish, jelly fish, sea horses, and even a large tank of sharks and rays. What I found to be the funniest part was Lizzy was afraid of everything Jack loved and Jack was afraid of everything Lizzy loved. Liz was really scared at first and wanted me to hold her the entire time until we got to the star fish tank where she could touch the star fish. SHE LOVED THIS! Jackson on the other hand refused to touch any star fish. I loved the shark and ray tank because it is a large circular tank with a cave connected that you can go under and feel like you are in the tank. They also have a deck over the top of the tank so you could look down into the tank. The rays and sharks were beautiful. Gliding through the water so effortlessly. We saw a lot of Dori fish which Jackson loved! And most of the tanks had special features like going under the tank and looking up at the fish or little bubble windows where you could stick you face in the window and get up close to the fish. Jackson especially loved the movie on whales. He sat for the entire 20 min film enjoying a snack and watching the whales. Of course I was chasing after Elizabeth while this was happening. Then at the end of the aquarium there is a tube tunnel that you can walk through and have fish swimming all around you. There were even divers in there cleaning the tank and both of the kids thought that was really cool. I'm just glad I wasn't wearing a skirt because the divers swam right underneath us.

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Jill Carilli said...

I think I will take Bunny soon. She loved it when we went to the one in California. Let me know if you want to go back anytime soon, although I think it might be expensive?? :)