Monday, October 4, 2010

Dress Up

Lately we have been really into playing dress-up and trying on outfits. Jackson likes to go in my closet and try on all my clothes. Actually it doesn't matter who's clothing it is he will try them all on. The other day we were at Brandon's parent's house and he was playing in Cameron's room. He came out sporting Cameron's stinky soccer short, cleats, and a hat. It was so cute and funny watching him walk around in those huge shoes. He even likes to try on my high heels, and he has the legs to pull them off. So I pulled out all the old Halloween costumes and other outfits I could find and we had a little fashion who the other day. They especially liked showing off their outfits on top of the table like a catwalk. I love how Jack is into make-believe now, it is so amazing to see his imagination and what he will come up with next.

These outfits are curtsy of Brandon's parents from San Francisco.

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jor said...

Oh, and they are having so much fun together too! I love it!