Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of Summer Adventures

This week we had so much fun. So many play dates, almost every day which I love because we need to get out of the house. On Tuesday we went over to our friend Liz and Lexie's house for a laid back pot luck. It was really fun because I got to see some moms that I haven't seen for awhile. I also got to hold 3 new babies! They were so sweet. Only downfall to the day was Jackson biting Lexie. He has been biting a lot lately, mainly Lizzy which is bad. I just don't know what to do because I don't see him do it and don't notice until later.

On Wed we went to Tumbleweed Rec center for Bikes, Bounce, and Boogie. We have never been before and I have to say I don't think we will be going back any time soon. I wasn't that we didn't have fun but it was crazy crowded. There weren't enough bikes for all the kids and every time one of my kids went for a bike another kid would snatch it out from under them. I did manage to get a few pictures of them riding together though.

Today we went to Superstition Farms. It was so much fun. They had a petting zoo with horses, a donkey, goats, chickens, and cows. Lizzy was so excited when we walked out and saw all the animals. She was waving her arms like a crazy person. Jackson made a friend with a horse who kept giving him kisses on the back of Jack's neck. Once we got closer to the animals Liz was a little scared but she really liked the chickens.
Then we went on a hayride of the whole dairy farm and even got to see a live calf birth. It was amazing! The farmer said it usually takes about 3 hours to birth a calf but it only took this cow 10 min. She must be a two time momma. :) Jackson was watching the whole thing and sawing "cool". Who knew we would have fun and get a lesson on the miracle of life.

After the hayride we got to taste some of their milk and ice cream. They had like 12 different flavors of milk which was really fun and Jackson loved the cherry vanilla. The ice cream was amazing. Jack had bubble gum and he thought that was so cool that there was bubble gum flavored ice cream because he loves gum. It was such a great day.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

aw these are great! the one of your son looking at the big chicken is priceless. adorable family!

Jill Carilli said...

sounds like your other playgroup is still doing real fun things. I may have to start crashing those playdates with Ryen. LOL.

LOVE YOU PS: you left all those clothes here. ;)