Friday, September 17, 2010

How Funny?

How funny is Jackson? SO FUNNY! He cracks me up every day.

Example #1: lately I have been letting him pick his own clothes out each day. Most of the time he does pretty well, shorts, shirt, Spider-man shoes. Yesterday he chose to wear not one but two sweater vests (one on top of the other). Mind you it is 105 degrees outside but I couldn't change his mind. Today he chose his cars pajama top and shorts. Dressed up one day dressed down the next. What will he pick tomorrow?

Example #2: He refuses to try any new food. However, when I do convince him to try something he always says, mmmmm afterward. New food today, sweet and spicy chicken.

Example #3: He doesn't like to get dirty in any way. Dirt gets on his shoes he says, owie mom owie. If something gets on his fingers he fusses until I whip him down. Today I conviced him that finger painting is fun. He only wanted me to put the paint on my hands at first but then after I forced him to try it he discovered a whole new world of creativity.

I love Lizzy's little eyes peeking over the table. You know she's saying, "Hey, whatcha got up there?"

What will he do tomorrow?


Jill Carilli said...

I loved when Ella started dressing herself. Some days I thought, holy cow I hope people realize she dressed herself and dont look at me like I am crazy. :)

nicole hatfield said...

so fun so cute!