Sunday, September 12, 2010

Party Time

In our family for some reason birthdays tend to last at least a week because there is the actual birthday but then we always celebrate on Sunday with the family. This week we had a friend birthday party on Tuesday and the family party on Sun. The thing about 1 year olds is they have a very short attention span so the 1 week celebration really works. This way she opens 1 present each day. Thanks to all her friends and family Liz got some really fun stuff but the thing she loves the most is her baby doll. She carries it around with her everywhere giving her kisses. Isn't it funny how girls have this innate sense to be moms?


Marissa Anne said...

I'm glad my cake pan could be finally put to use!
p.s. I miss them so much. I blew up every one of these pictures and made leslie look at them. Love you all

Brianna said...

How fun. Sorry we missed it. They are just so cute and you are just too crafty! Miss you guys!