Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Snuggle with a Giraffe

I saw this really cute baby blanket at church the other day and I thought to myself, I need to make one of those. So I went to the fabric store. Right now I think that Joann's should have some kind of punch card because I have spent WAY too much money there these past few months. Anyways, I found the same fabric but then something else caught my eye. I loved this purple giraffe snuggle flannel. It is so cute so I went to find a giraffe print for the back of my blanket and I found the best print. Here is the finished product. So simple yet incredibly cute.

BTW the original blanket was zebra print with hot pink on the back.


Miss M! said...

Have you been to Scrapbooks Etc on University and Lindsay? They have the most AMAZING fabrics now, including a huge selection of minky. They have all this cute stuff that you can't get at Joann. You might want to check it out!

Jessica Stoker said...

Thanks Sara, I usually just go to Joann because I get coupons all the time but I am totally going to check this place out.