Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vertuccio Farms

They even had a cow that you could milk, kinda gross but the kids loved it.

Chalk up one more farm on the list. One Monday we went to Vertuccio Farms with our friends Jill, Ryen, Nina, Manuel, and Isabel. It is funny how you don't notice something until you look for it? I have this problem a lot. Maybe I am just not very perceptive about my surroundings. I did the same thing with our old apartment. I drove by the complex at least 1 time every day and it wasn't until we were actually looking for a place to live. Well it is the same story with the farm. I have drove by it many times and I never knew what a fun place it was at a really good price. The kids had a blast. There were tons of pumpkins, BIG pumpkins. Jackson and Elizabeth were so excited about them. There was a bounce house, games, a train ride, pedal tractors, a playground, a corn maze and a hay maze, and a big variety of animals. AND WE DID IT ALL! It would have been even more fun if it wasn't so hot but we managed. Lizzy especially loves the train and the animals. She would do the happy dance (running up and down in place while flapping her arms) whenever she saw a new animal. Jackson liked the pedal tractors and the bounce house (his new love). I am really glad we have such great friends to share in the memories of these early experiences.
I made Lizzy's outfit and Jackson's shirt to celebrate the holiday.

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Jill Carilli said...

Dude we had so much fun we went back the next day!! LOL And we are going again next monday! So glad we got to spend this time with you and Nina too. XOXO