Friday, April 1, 2011

Is it Friday already?

What did we do this week? Well we spent a lot of time at home which is not normal for us but I am still learning my way around and what there is to do in ABQ (like that I am already using the abbreviations). Brandon has been studying for a big test that he has to take on Monday so there wasn't a whole lot of interaction from his end either. We did meet up with some moms and kids from church for a fun craft but you will have to tune in for that later because I'm not finished yet. The moms here are really down to earth and love all the things I love. I think I could make some really good friends if we end up staying in the ward which I am on the fence about because I am not sure I want to live in the mountains. Good news is someone made an offer on our house today. YEAH! I really thought it was going to be on the market for a long time. They offered the full asking price too which is awesome. Hopefully everything will go through, fingers crossed.

Jackson and I did a lot of crafts this week. We played with play dough, colored, used stickers, and painted. I taught him how to fold his paper in half, paint on one side, and then refold it to get the paint on the other side. He thought it was so much fun smushing the paint around and it was a good opportunity to learn his colors which we are working on.

Liz likes playing with the play dough even though she tries to eat it every once in awhile. I awesome did some sewing this week creating a cute summer dress for Elizabeth and a pair of shorts for Jackson. Liz is getting so tall all her dresses are a tad too short I can see her little buns hanging out the back :).

Jackson being grumpy

Next week is Jackson's birthday, I can't believe he is almost 3! Seriously still remembering that chubby baby and now he is a "big boy" or "I'm Jackson" as he tells me. We have a fun week planned so I will make sure to post lots of pictures.

Oh and we bought Tangled! If you haven't seen it yet GET IT NOW. Best Disney movie since Nemo.

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Anonymous said...

I love the dress! She has an adorable smile. :)