Monday, April 4, 2011

Swimming Season

I think we might still think we are living in Arizona because during our Target trip today I bought both the kids swim suits and it is only 55 degrees in New Mexico today. Doesn't look like we will be sporting these suits for awhile. Maybe they will be able to wear them when they visit Grandma Stoker later this month. Oh well, they were so excited about the suits and too cute to pass up. They tried them on right when we got home and even wore them in the bathtub tonight. These two crack me up.

Elizabeth looks SO OLD in this suit. I was watching her prance around in it showing it off to the camera and thinking to myself, she is not a baby anymore. Then I realized it is probably because she wasn't wearing a diaper, lol. Soon both of them will be potty trained (cross your fingers) and I will really feel like they are growing too fast. I do like seeing the little cheeks peek out the back of her suit every once in awhile though.

I also made Liz a pair of army capris this week. They were originally suppose to be shorts for Jack but I cut them too small. So I added some ruffles to the sides and a ribbon belt. The funny thing is I remember having a similar pair when I was in college. They both took the opportunity to smile for the camera...what a bunch of cheese balls.
(I love love love this picture of them blowing kisses at each other)

Liz ready to throw the rock, I HATE THESE ROCKS in our house. Good think Jack is wearing his helmet. **FYI, she didn't throw the rock.


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Jill Carilli said...

Where are the rocks in the house?