Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snow Day

Last night I was up reading late. When I finally decided it was time for bed I stood up in the dark when a blinding shine was coming from the window. It had snowed...nearly a foot of snow. Beautiful white magical snow. When Elizabeth woke up I asked if she wanted to watch some cartoons (this gives me a little bit of time to wake up myself). I told her to look out the window. She stood up on the coach and with eyes of wonderment she happily squeeled, "Mom it SNOWED!" Then Jackson was up about 20 min later and in my room informing me that he was ready to go out and play in the snow. Mind you he had on sweat pants, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt. I told him he needed to get some warmer clothes on before he could go outside, and I asked if we could wait until later because I was still pretty tired and feeling lazy. He cried because he was really excited. So we got all bundled up and I sent the kids out to explore the snow while I put on my boots and coat. When I was dressed I went out to find Elizabeth with one boot off and Jack with no gloves. My kids really do not understand snow. I explained to them that it is cold and we need to keep all our warm clothing on when we play in the snow. Needless to say they lasted about 5 min before they were both complaining about being cold and wanting to take a warm bath. I am so glad it only snows here every once in a while because I cannot handle all the layering and work for a few short minutes of fun.

Then later we had a somewhat fashion show. The kids strutted their stuff in all my shoes. What is it with little kids and mom's shoes. All I know is Elizabeth is a diva and she can work those high heels. I asked her if she was a model and her reply..."no a princess."

We practiced her modeling with some headbands I made and I have to tell you the girl is beautiful and she knows how to work a camera. Watch out world!

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Jill Carilli said...

OMG seriously, when did she get so grown up? She is SO gorgeous!! Cracking up about the snow. You are right, these kids don't get it! LOL