Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekly Adventures

We are all sick with head colds this week so it has been really boring. Mainly just laying around in pjs and watching movies. But last week we had a blast. We went to an indoor play place called ABQ playroom. I wasn't sure about it but I had a Groupon that was expiring so I figured I would give it a go. The kids loved it. We had almost the whole place to ourselves (only 2 other kids playing) and we stayed for 3 hours. We learned how to play hopscotch, ate birthday cake (fake cake), and dressed up in all the costumes. The kids even made an obstacle course finishing on the slide. It was so funny to watch them play together. They really are great friends.NO HANDS! This was the fastest slide ever. They would slide another 3 feet from the bottom of the slide.

dadadadadadadada BATMAN
mirror mirror on the wall....
We also met some of our friends at another play place called Monkey Mania. We have been there before but I think that going with some other kids made the place even better. The kids dressed up and walked the catwalk dancing and singing. Elizabeth went straight for the pink sparkly dress and the crown and Jackson of course choose the Spider man costume after trying on a clown nose. Then they shot Nerf balls at each other, and there was even a little workout area for kids with bikes and a treadmill. I asked Elizabeth what she was doing and she said, "oh I'm just exercising mom." I think they thought they owned the place jumping from play room to play room. A couple of times I thought I lost Elizabeth but sure enough she was at the craft table painting quietly, she loves painting. It was finally closing time before I could drag them out of there. Thank goodness for Groupon and living social introducing us to new play places especially during the cold months.

We finished the week with ice cream night at Baskin Robbins. We asked the kids what kind of ice cream they wanted and they both responded with colors Elizabeth wanted pink and Jackson wanted blue. Isn't it funny how kids identify ice cream by colors? We all got cones and enjoyed some family time together. We sat by the door because it was a small store and Jackson kept yelling at the people to close the door because it was cold. He was making everyone in the ice cream shop crack up.

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