Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chasing Bubbles Photoshoot

I volunteered to take some pictures for a blog that I follow in exchange for a pattern. I have to say she got the better end of the deal. The pattern was really difficult to follow and as I was making the dress I realized that she might not have a lot of sewing experience (not that I do). I could see where she was making the pattern more difficult than it needed to be. Anyways, I muddled through it eventually giving up on the pattern and just making it by eye. For some reason I can look at something and I can visualize how to make it in my mind. This isn't always true but for the most part I can figure it out. Anyways, the dress turned out really cute, I just would have made it differently.

So today we did the photo shoot. Jackson was a little jealous that I was shooting only Elizabeth so I let him jump in for a few. We tried to incorporate bubbles into the pictures but it is hard to blow bubbles and take pictures at the same time so they didn't turn out too great. However Elizabeth is so beautiful that anyone could photograph her and get a good picture. She is really photogenic, something she did not get from me.
Jackson making his sad face lol.

chasing bubbles

This picture just brings me so much joy.Such good friends!

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Jill Carilli said...

So what is your secret to getting them to be friends? All mine do is fight :(