Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Review-Part 1

I know it has been forever since my last post. What can I say, I have been busy! Anyways, I will give you a review of the wonderful Christmas we shared this year. We traveled to Arizona to Brandon's parent's house where all of his family joined us. It was so much fun spending time with EVERYONE and it was a really long break almost 12 days off. A much needed break. Jackson and Elizabeth were super excited to see all their aunts and uncles and they were not disappointed. I think Jackson was his Uncle Justin's miniature shadow and Elizabeth was often found spending quality time with her Uncle Filipe.

The Stokers always plan fun activities including miniature golf, hiking, shopping, wally ball, playing Just Dance 3 and the Kinex and swimming at Great Grandma's house.

Jackson really enjoyed miniature gold, he took it very seriously concentrating on each hole and he is actually a really good shot. We might have a future golfer on our hands. We even participated in the annual Stoker Swing for Bling. Justin was the raining champ and he succeeded in winning again but I think Jackson had the most fun adjusting the flags and picking up all the balls with Grandma's kitchen tongs.We also went to Goldfield, AZ and visited the Ghost Town. It was a really amazing place to visit with old west buildings, large wagons and barns, and they even perform an Old West showdown. Liz wasn't too into the load gunshots and yelping but she loved the train.

We even had a Harry Potter themed New Years with all Harry Potter themed foods and a jelly bean tasting contest. I know the kids were devestated when everyone had to go home. The only thing that got them out the door was knowing that all their presents were waiting for them under the tree at our own house. It was a great vacation and holiday. Nothing is better than family.

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