Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our New Family Members

We have a few new family members. Last week Brandon went to trade in our car (more on that in the future, but don't worry it didn't happen yet), and he came home with two guinea pigs! We have been talking about getting them for awhile but Brandon really surprised us all by bringing them home out of the blue. They are so cute. The kids named them Piggy and Pirate. No surprises there. Here is what we have learned about them over the last week.

-They are super fast. We let them out of their cage and they run all over the playroom. Then when it is time to put them back in their cages they hide. It took me 20 minutes just to catch piggy (he is the skinny cunning one).
-They poop a lot.
-They like to nibble on straw.
-They can lift up their food bowel if it is empty. They will lift it up with their mouths like they are trying to tell me to get them more.

The kids love them and it is really fun to cuddle with the little guys. We even set up an obstacle course for them to go through.

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