Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4 year check up

We had Jackson's 4 year baby well check yesterday and all I can say is that shots are easier when they are babies.

Everything started out well. He took the eye test and passed with ease although Elizabeth was shouting out the answers next to him as well. He is now 41" tall and 36lbs. Perfectly normal. He is so shy around other adults, it was hard for him to answer the doctor's questions. Not because he doesn't know the answers just because he is so shy. Elizabeth however would not shut up. She was telling the doctor her life story, all about her likes and our pet guinea pigs. She also showed the doctor how she could jump, balance, and twirl. The girl has no fear and just likes to be noticed. Then came the shots. He freaked out. It was so sad. I never felt bad for my kids for getting shots because I knew it would only hurt a little bit and protect them from something worse. But now that Jackson can really tell me what it felt like, how bad it hurt, and his distrust for me like I betrayed him. It broke my heart. He cried for 15 min before I could finally talk him out of my lap, into the car, and bought him a milk shake. He has been limping around for the last two days poor baby, but I think he has forgiven me for the shots.

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Jill Carilli said...

Sorry Jesse! Hopefully that is the last of it and he is ready for Kindergarten! Ella still has not had an eye test yet and I thought she would have one at her 5 yr check up. Hmmm... I need to look into that. Hugs to you Momma and to Jackson! :)