Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is it Summertime?

Is it summertime? My kids sure seem to think it is. It has been pretty warm here lately but these kids are from Arizona...come on right? We bought Jackson a pirate kiddy pool for his birthday so we blew it up this weekend and let the kids go wild. Elizabeth did not hesitate to jump in right away. She was slipping and sliding all over the place. Jackson was most hesitant. He slowly moved into the pool complaining that Liz kept splashing him. He didn't want to get wet, in the pool. Seriously. He changed his swim suit 3 times because it kept getting wet. Finally I think he just gave up and went for it. And man did they have fun. Jack chased Elizabeth around the pool and they would jump in as they came to the front and then Liz chased Jack. They spent an hour in the pool. Then we laid out in the sun and drank strawberry pina coladas. It was a wonderful day and a great way to get ready for summer.

Yo Ho Matey

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