Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This week I had my mid-pregnancy ultra sound. Between Jackson, Elizabeth, and this baby I have had 13 ultrasounds, yeah a lot, and there are many more to come I fear. Although I have to admit getting to see my babies more often is always fun I feel a close kinship with each of them. Everything looks great with this pregnancy. Baby is about 8oz now and seems to be growing and developing well. However with my past issues the doctor recommended coming back in 6 weeks to check my that amniotic fluid levels and placenta are fine.

The baby is very healthy and a mover. I can always feel it doing flips and somersaults in my belly. The ultrasound tech was having trouble keeping up with it. We saw head, spine, legs, arms, belly, bum, everything is so clear. And then we found out the sex of the baby...
We are so blessed and excited. I went through all Jackson's old clothes while my mom was visiting. Reflecting on his past clothes and remembering all the times he wore each item. I have so many clothes already stocked up that are in excellent condition. I can't wait to see the new baby in them. We even found some 1 year old Superhero t-shirts that Jackson was so excited about. He wanted to put them in his own drawer to show the baby when he comes.

The pregnancy has been really easy so far. No medical issues for me other than an extreme sensitivity to smells. My belly has really started to poke out in the last week or so though it is still just a little baby bump. I am not even in maternity pants yet which is SO NICE because for some reason all maternity pants look like baggy mom jeans around the crotch area. TOO MUCH INFORMATION but that is how I feel. Lots of skirt and leggings are in my future. I am just relieved to know the baby is a boy and we can start discussing names and thinking about preparations for the future. The kids knew it was a boy all along, I went back and forth this time. 

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