Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby NAME...????

We are playing the name game around here and I have to tell you I am stumped. Brandon isn't much help. He just turns down my ideas without giving any of his own. Right now I have a list of names I like on the refrigerator that I look at and ponder over every time I go to eat...which is a lot these days.

So I am asking you for help. Anyone have a great name that will go with Stoker they are willing to share? With Jackson I knew what I wanted right away and had to talk Brandon into it. We knew right away that Elizabeth was going to be Elizabeth. There was no other thought and no other option. PLEASE HELP ME. I want to hear a lot of names this time and get a large sense of this little guy growing in my belly, who happens to kick every night at 11pm :).

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