Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jackson 4 years old

Now it is time for a Jackson update

Here is what Jackson is into now:

-picking on Elizabeth. He is constantly teasing her and it drives me crazy.
-hitting when he gets really mad. Then he says sorry right away and tells me he will be reverent.

-He is still completely potty trained!!!! No accidents, and self sufficient.
-He gets himself ready every morning, completely dressed from head to toe without me telling him
-he loves doing chores for money. He will help empty the dishwasher, pick up all the toys, wash the toilet and bathroom mirror (with my supervision), and put his clean clothes away. He is currently saving up for a skateboard.
-he loves riding his big boy bike with training wheels and is very careful about going down hills (walking the bike carefully, always so cautious.)
-coming up with new ideas that are clever. Like today Elizabeth wanted to be spiderman and so did he so he gave her the mask and he wore the costume body. Then he responded "that is a good idea, that would work great." He was so proud of himself.
-singing songs to himself, especially in the car. He has a great memory.
-Loves being Superheroes. The other day he found a green marker and drew all over himself. I asked why he did that and his response was, "I am being the HULK mom." Hard to be mad about that.
-Watching movies with mom. Usually a Superhero movie or Star Wars lately.
-Puzzles. He is really good at puzzles.
-Playing video games on my phone or his leapster. His favorites are puzzle games, connect the dots, CARS 2, train track building, and UNO.
-building long train tracks with his wooden train set
-buckling himself into his car seat, he is so proud
-running through the sprinkler
-drawing pictures, especially stick figures of people he knows
-pretending to be pirates (Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, or Peter Pan)

Favorite Movie-Peter Pan/Pirates of the Caribbean/Captain America
Favorite Book-Peter Pan
Favorite Food-smoothies/corn dogs
Favorite Toy- Superhero Costumes/his bike
Favorite Color-dark blue
Favorite Sport-tennis (watching and playing)
Favorite thing to say-Mom I want to give you a kiss (then he laughs and asks what he tastes like). This is usually after he eats or drinks something and thinks it is so funny.

He is my little man. So excited to be getting bigger and tells me how strong he is every day. But he still comes in every morning, snuggles in my bed, and gives me morning cuddles. I love him to pieces.

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