Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Elizabeth 2.5 Years Old

Since I posted an update on myself I thought I should post a little update on the kiddos. Let's start with Elizabeth.

Right now Elizabeth is:

-trying to potty train. She loves wearing her undies until she pees in them then she just takes them off and pees on the floor. Very annoying. Not sure how to proceed from here. Just keep trying I guess.
-throwing tantrums, especially in the grocery store when I say no to something. Again annoying.

-singing all day long. She is always singing. Church songs, songs from the radio (her favorites are Moves like Jagger and We Are Young), songs she makes up.
-dressing up like a princess every day
-obsessed with lipstick (chapstick) and makeup. When I do my makeup she sits on the counter and does her own makeup. It is so cute.
-painting her toenails
-spinning and dancing
-she gallops everywhere. When she walks she has a little hop and gallop to her step.
-jumping off my bed into a big pile of pillows (pillow fights)
-taking baths, sometimes 2 times a day
-telling me what foods she likes to eat now. For instance she would always say she didn't like chicken, then the other day she said, "Yeah mom because I like chicken now."
-when she talks she will raise her sweet little voice higher to emphasize the situation
-she likes to be a mother type to Jackson and his friends telling them to be careful with swords and when it is time to eat
-cooking with me every night
-being tickled by her daddy
-riding on her princess scooter

Favorite Movie: Mulan
Favorite Food: eggs
Favorite Book: If You Give a Pig a Party
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Toy: her piggy
Favorite thing to say: That's a good idea

She is such a sweetheart and so cute when she is not throwing a tantrum or crying about something. I love how she wants to be just like mommy and giving the baby kisses on my tummy.  She tells me I am beautiful every day and loves to cuddle with me.

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