Friday, May 11, 2012

Joy School Graduation

This week we celebrated my son's graduation from Joy School. For those of you that don't know what Joy School is, it is a church sponsored home-school pre-school. I decided to put him in it this year before he goes to a 3 day week pre-school next year. He really showed improvements this year by attending Joy School. He is my first born and a bit of a mama's boy. Shy and likes to stay next to me all the time. When I first started dropping him off at the other kid's houses he would cry and beg me to stay. By the end he was so excited to go every week that he would ask when Joy School was and run to the doors of the other homes. He was really sad when I told him it was over, more because I think he is worried he won't get to see his friends anymore, but I assured him that we could still have play dates and see them plenty.

We celebrated the graduates with a party and presentation. The kids sang a few songs, received a report card, and a diploma for their work the past year. I made each of the students a graduation hat in their favorite color.

The kids all wore their hats. I even made an extra one for Elizabeth so she wouldn't feel left out. She was so sad all year that she was too young to go to Joy School. Every time I dropped off Jack she would say, "I'll stay here mom, because I'm too little to go to Joy School," with a little sad voice.

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