Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2 Weeks with Grandma Miller

These last 2 weeks my mom came into town for a visit. It was incredible to see her. A breast cancer survivor! She is still pretty weak and tired but these kiddos gave her a jump start to get going in life again. Her hair is growing back and she looks great.

We had a wonderful time. I just love having another adult to run around town with and chat. We spent our weeks at the playground, in the backyard when it was nice and sunny and checking out our local child centered activities like the zoo, aquarium, and children's museum. The kids hadn't seen her in almost a year but that didn't stop them from instantly accepting her into our home. They didn't stop talking all the way home from the airport and as soon as she walked in the door they pulled her around the house showing her all their toys, beds, and of course the guinea pigs. Here are a couple of pictures we snapped in our weeks of fun.

 Lizzy posing by the over sized pinecones.
 Jackson proving he is as strong as the HULK lifting the large shovel.
Going for a ride on the giant ant.
Nothing like watering the plants with a humungous faucet.

 Liz taking a detour through the hidden path.
 Sibling LOVE

Captain Jack sailing at the aquarium.

Children's Museum.
Jackson was totally fascinated by the PVC pipe building. He spent 25 minutes creating his fort.
He was so proud.

 Elizabeth loved the balls section. She kept sticking the balls through the tubes and down the ramps. She would get so excited, squealing with delight.
Jackson was really interested in the giant ball erector set. He loved turning the wheels to make the balls go down the different paths.

We all had a great time playing with Grandma Miller and enjoying her company. It was really sad to see her leave and the house is a little bit lonely today without her. We miss her already.

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