Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy Growing in the Stoker Home

AHHH we have been so busy!!! I have been seriously slacking on the blog updates. Sorry.

Here is what we have been up to.
-I started my own sewing blog, SEW WHILE THEY GROW....... GO FOLLOW ME. I am still going to be working on A Couple of Craft Addicts but I wanted a blog that was just mine where I could share sewing tutorials, projects, and other parenting related posts.

-with the beginning of a new blog I have decided to start a new branch of my business, pattern making. I finished my first pattern this week and am ready to launch it in my shop next week. This is very challenging but so exciting for me.

-We have been going to lots of playdates. Between the mom's group, baby sitting co-ops, church functions, and just getting together with friends we have an activity planned for nearly every day of the week.

 -We had our first camp out. We are planning a camping trip for this weekend so Brandon and I decided to try camping in our backyard first. We went and bought a tent, sleeping bags, and all the supplies. Set up the tent (which we had to return because one of the poles what bent) and had a family camp night. The kids loved it! I don't know why I was so worried. They thought the tent was their own house. They brought all their stuffed animals into the tent, set up beds, cooked with play food, and just plain old enjoyed themselves. They were so upset when we had to take the tent down. The only downfall was the meowing of a random cat all night that has been frequently visiting our backyard. The kids love the cat but I want it out of here. It doesn't have tags so right now we are just tolerating it. Except for today I found it in the house so I am thinking it is getting a little too comfortable around the Stoker home. Anyways, that was really annoying to hear cat meowing all night.

-Jackson has been making huge strides in his writing and drawing skills. He wanted to make sure I documented that he can now write his own name and he can make stick figures. Here is his latest creation:

 I love that his pictures now have sustainance and are not just scribbles. :) 

-We also started doing chores around the house and the kids get money for completing their chores. These include helping with the dishes, cleaning up the toy room, putting their clothes away once they are washed and folded, and feeding the guinea pigs. Jackson earned $3 over the past 2 weeks so today we went and bought a new sword (his choice, my words were "ANOTHER SWORD?"). He has been begging me to buy it for him and so I told him to earn it himself. He wasn't too happy to give me his money for the sword but then I think he realized he can earn more so that gave him hope.

-Jack has also been riding his big boy bike a lot and getting better. Maybe he will be ready to take off the training wheels by the end of the summer!

-Finally I took some pictures of the kids in front of the house. They love having their picture taken. Jackson has been taking pictures himself lately. His interests are expanding so much. It makes me really excited for what the summer has to hold. 



Obsessed with Superheroes. Showing me his HULK impression.

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