Monday, October 15, 2012

Big brother and Big Sister

Just a quick look at the other two kids. Jackson loves his new brother and is so proud to be a big brother to Christian. Elizabeth loves Christian and hates all the attention he is getting. She has been throwing giant tantrums about everything even the smallest issues and seems to be out to cause trouble. We had a short discussion today about how she needs to change her attitude, because she is now a big sister and needs to be a good example.

Here are some quick comments I have heard lately from both of the kids.

Elizabeth came up to me the other day and I asked why she is being so whiny and mean. Her response:
"I'm just not acting like myself lately mom."

Jackson and Elizabeth were playing outside:
Elizabeth: "We have bare feet on"
Jackson: "I don't have bear feet, I have people feet."

These two really are two peas in a pod and bringing a third to the mix has shaken up their lives. Life is an adjustment, and it goes on.


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