Thursday, October 11, 2012

He's Here!!

On Friday, October 5th we welcomed our newest addition. Christian Philip Stoker was born at 9:20am via c-section. He weighed 6lbs 12oz and was 19 3/4 inches long.

Almost a week has passed and here is what we have learned about little Christian.

-He LOVES to cuddle. He spent the first 3 nights of life snuggled in my arms.
-He is a great eater. He likes to nurse and takes bottles.
-He loves his pacifier.
-He already has his nights and days down. He sleeps 3-4 hours a night, wakes up and eats, and goes right back to sleep.
-He rarely ever cries, mainly just when he is naked. I think that goes back to the snuggling aspect.
-He hates the swing. I am hoping he will realize how nice it is, and change his mind.
-He is tiny. 14% for both weight and head circumference. 49% for height. None of his newborn clothes fit him.
-He has steal grey eyes and light brown hair.
-He likes to nuzzle into my neck
-He is strong. Sometimes he rolls onto his side and he has pretty good head support for a newborn.

He is just the best baby. I love him so much. He has such a sweet temperament to him and even when he cries is it a soft baby cry. I love that he wants me to hold him and that he likes to be with me all the time. It may get old later but for now my little snuggle bug is just what I need. God knew he would fit in perfectly with our little family.

I am recovering quickly this time. I was really nervous about the c-section and kept having dreams that everything would go wrong. Fortunately everything went very well, thanks in part to a blessing from Brandon the night before. His presence through the whole thing was amazingly calming and I felt safe, even wide open on the operating table. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30am for a scheduled c-section at 7:30am. Unfortunately 10 min before we were suppose to go in there was an emergency c-section so we were pushed back to 9:00am. Talk about nerves, just waiting around, anxious for when it was going to happen. Especially after 3 changed delivery dates I was ready to have this baby. 

Everything went very smooth with the delivery. The doctor said I have a little bit of scaring but not too much and she did her best to minimize any further scaring. Thankfully I am a quick healer and should be fine to have more children in the future.

My mom is visiting right now for two weeks and it has been such a blessing to have her around. She gets up with Christian sometimes during the night to give me a few more hours of shut eye. Right now I am feeling pretty refreshed and not like I am going to pull my hair out with two kids and a baby around. Everyone is getting along nicely for the most part. Jackson adores the baby. He always comes by to check on him and give him kisses on his head. Elizabeth is a bit jealous. I pointed out that she was being particularly whiny yesterday and she informed me that, "I'm not acting like myself mom." Seriously cracks me up. I am sure when he is a little more active she will like him more.

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