Saturday, December 13, 2008

11 Days Till Christmas

So there is only 11 days until Christmas. I hope all of you have done your shopping, decorated your trees, and gone to see Santa. We went to visit Santa this week and all I can say is I am grateful to have such wonderful and patient parents. We went to see him in the mall and the line was pretty short (only about 10 people). However, Mall Santas are very inefficient. Santa goes on break at 12:30pm sharp no matter where you are in line. We got there at 11:45am so plenty of time, however the line was moving at a sluggish pace. I really didn't think we were going to make the cut. Brandon couldn't stand the wait so he went walking. I love babies and all but how long does it take to take a picture with a newborn? Seriously! Thankfully we made it in.

Jackson wasn't so sure about the big guy. He really liked the bell that the photographer rung (if you can even call her that). The first picture is him checking Santa out. I love this one because Jack always makes that observant face. Then I think he had a little bit of a panic attack and almost started crying but the bell saved him. The last picture is the best one we got of him actually looking at the camera. He is not smiling but what more can you ask of an 8 month old? I think all in all it was a good experience and thanks to Grandma Miller he had a cute reindeer outfit just perfect for the occasion. Merry Christmas everyone!


Brianna said...

Saved by the bell! He must be brave because when we saw Santa half the kids were in tears. But he is as cute as always.

Shelby and Ted said...

Way cute Santa! Where did you get him? Jack is so adorable. I hope that you have a Merry Christmas Jess. Love ya.