Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Come and Go

Well Christmas is over and sometimes I feel like it is a huge let down only because I tend to build up to Christmas all month and then the day comes (which is wonderful) but then it is over. . .back to reality. Thankfully reality is pretty great for us too. We had a great first Christmas with Jackson. He actually did pretty well at opening his presents and he really loved the ribbons on everything. He is a pretty spoiled little boy, lots of toys and books and even a new pair of shoes. Our little apartment is being run over with all of his stuff! We had the traditional Stoker Christmas with snacks on Christmas eve (I made Chinese BBQ pork and it was AWESOME!), we watched Luke 2 and read the story of Christ being born, and then opened a few presents and went off to bed. The next morning we had Grandma Miller's breakfast bread (and that is no easy task to make) then we opened the rest of the presents, watched the Sun's lose by 1 POINT (what a heart breaker), and had a very yummy Christmas dinner. Then that night we went to see the Temple lights and that was the highlight of the day for Jack. He loves those lights, even though it was freezing cold (according to Arizona standards). The most important thing to remember is the birth of Christ and the sacrifice he made for the world. All and all it was a great Christmas and I am already excited for next year, but until then we should try to keep the Christmas spirit alive in our hearts all year long.

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JILLC said...

Glad you had a great FIRST Christmas with Jackson! Merry Christmas! =)