Sunday, August 16, 2009

1st Hair Cut

Jackson is now 16 months old and his hair was getting a little out of control. Starting to look like a mullet actually. So I decided to be brave and take action into my own hands. I had trimmed the top and sides a few times but nothing big and I am sure he is not ready for a barber or clippers, so it was up to me, and let me tell you my lack of experience shinned through.

First we stuck all his hair up just to document how long the hair really was. Then Jackson started to freak out when I got him in the chair on my lap. However after a few moments of terror he calmed down and let me start the snipping process. I got most of it done when he decided that he had enough and ran away. Then I proceeded to follow him around getting a snip here and a cut there until I was done. Not the best way to give a hair cut chasing Jack around the yard with scissors (now that I say it that way it does sound horrible) but at least he was outside and he really didn't cry much after that first shock. We rewarded him with an ice cream cone when he was finished and I must say that his hair looked pretty good and even. I was proud of myself and my baby boy. Needless to say next time I think we might take a different approach. Any suggestions are welcome.

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The Parke Family said...

Good Job!

When CHP was little, we used a light spray bottle and sit him up high (somewhere he normally wouldn't get to sit like outside one our recycling trash can - weird I know, but it worked for us and then the hair was outside). After we get his hair a bit wet down with the spray bottle, he gets to hold it and spray our hair too. That and it takes two people - one to distract him and one to cut.

Good Luck!