Monday, August 17, 2009

Elizabeth Grace. . .watch out world!

I went to the ob this past week and lots of things are evolving in the pregnancy. I am now almost 34 weeks (in 2 days) and it is getting time to make some big decisions. There is a little bit of concern because she is really small, only about 4lbs so the doc is taking some precautions. First I have to go to the hospital 2 times each week for testing. They do a NST (non-stress test) two times a week and an ultrasound 1 time each week. This is to make sure that her heartbeat is strong, amniotic fluid is stable, and she is growing. So far so good though. I have been twice and each time her heart-rate is great and everything seems to be going well. She is small but very strong. I am also going to the ob once a week now for regular check ups, therefor most of my days are spent at the doctor's office these days. We also set a date for the c-section. Since it will only have been 17 months since I had the first c, we decided it was best to have another one and not risk any problems like uterine rupture. The doc suggested delivery around the 39th week (so I don't go into labor) which means SEPTEMBER 24th is the offical date of Lizzy entering the world. ONLY 5 WEEKS AWAY!

It is funny because picking her due date was harder than picking her name. This is going to be her birthday for the next 80 years or so, and may I add that Brandon was no help. He just kept saying, "whenever is fine with me." Her actual due date is Sept 30th which is Brandon's birthday so I kind of wanted to avoid that day and make sure I am out of the hospital by then. No body wants to spend their bday in the hospital, no matter what he says.

It is a little scary worrying about her and how she is doing but I am sure everything will work out fine. I was about the same size with Jack and he ended up being 7lb 2oz. I just keep telling myself that I am in good shape, I've gained the weight I should be gaining, and she still has a lot of growing to do. I am sure she is just going to come out a little fireball! Here are some pictures from the ultra sound. She is so funny because every time I get an ultrasound she tries to hide from the camera either using her hand to cover her face or in this case her foot. No matter where I moved she kept smelling her foot. Maybe she is just really long like Jackson was, and is all scrunched up in my belly.

3D picture, she has Brandon's lips. And yes that is her foot blocking her face, lol.


Miss M! said...

That's such a beautiful name!

JILLC said...

Yeah! Sept 24th! What a good birthday! Real close to Ryen's! Their birthdays will only be 10 days apart. She will be fine. I was 5lbs 14 oz when I was born and turned out just fine! Stay well. XOXO

The Griegers said...

She is so cute! Dont worry too much about her weight, doctors can be WAY off, Addison was 4 pounds at that time and came out at a healthy 7 pounds :) I'm so excited for you!

The Parke Family said...

So many fall babies! And Sept 24th is a great day! (it's my dad's b-day). Sept 30th was also Jimmy's due date although he showed up a few weeks early!

So excited for you guys :)

We will keep you in our prayers in these last few weeks and for a smooth transition to a family of four :)