Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer in Seattle part 3: ZOO TRIPS

There are so many things to do in Seattle that I don't even know where to go or begin when I am there. The problem is Seattle can get a little expensive, actually really expensive. So I had to contemplate what we could afford and what Jackson would enjoy the most. We decided that we would go to the zoo. There are 2 zoos and we went to both.

The first zoo is the Point Defiance Zoo. This zoo is great because it has a large aquarium with real sharks, seahorses, and even an area for the kids to touch some sea life. It also has a lot of other sea animals like walruses, penguins, and seals. Jack loved the sharks and the walrus because he came right up to the glass and gave big kisses. It also has a great kids area with bugs, snakes, and toys to play on. I think Jackson liked the fake animals better than the real ones though because he could touch those animals, lol.

We took our neighbor Elijah with us (he is 8) which ended up being great because he helped a lot with Jack. It was also great because I ran into one of my high school friends and his family. He was one of my best friends in high school but he lives in Eastern Washington so I didn't expect to see him during my trip. It was great to see Matt and catch up.

The second zoo we went to was the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. This zoo is huge and so much better than the Point Defiance Zoo (which is much smaller). It was also great because we got to go with one of my best friends from high school Shelby and her 13 month old daughter, Saydee. Saydee was so cute because she kept trying to give Jackson kisses and Jack was not having it. She is really smart too, repeating words and talking much more than Jackson (Jack is all action no explanation). We got to see all the animals of interest: zebras, penguins, tigers, jaguar, monkeys, etc. It was a great day for the zoo because it was a little overcast so the zoo was pretty empty. I even got to spend some time with my sister there.

My favorite part was the hippos because it has a special meaning to me. When I was pregnant with Jackson I complained a lot about getting bigger. Brandon would just compliment me and tell me I was like a little bumble bee. Then when I got really big he said I was more like a hippo (but in a sweet way). Then one day I was watching TV flipping through the guide when I saw the title of a show that caught my attention: Jessica the Hippo. I flipped to the channel and it was about a family that was raising a hippo. I thought it was so hilarious that there was a hippo named Jessica. Well this time I am hippo shape again and Jackson and I actually got to pose by a fake hippo. Those pictures are for Brandon to remind him what a real hippo looks like, lol. It was so much fun to get some exercise and enjoy time with our friends.


The Griegers said...

I can't believe you only have 50 days left of being pregnant! You are so close!

Miss M! said...

That's funny about the hippo. My thing was that I looked like I swallowed a Volkswagon!